If someone asked me to define Cusco in a single word, I would say that this word would be ¨Magic¨. And that is … yes, Cusco is a city that harbors intense energy; strength and charm that spread through each and every one of its streets, which reaches every corner and is housed in each monument, in each building. There is a contagious force that lives in the heart of every stone that makes up the city. It’s a force, an energy that makes you vibrate, in another frequency and in another tuning. Those who share the love of traveling and the desire to discover, they know that the most important thing of the trip is the attitude with which they arrive at the place; you only need a wide open heart, open and stripped mind of any aspect that could disturb us then, receive with open arms what the place wants to give us.

In this sense it is how to get to the Imperial City with a special heart and with that mind; to then connect with each space of that magical city, its people and its culture.

Cusco is a city that transmits its energy to you from the first moment and something as simple as walking the city on foot, to know a little more, can become an unparalleled experience.
Walk through its cobbled streets, walk the historic alleys of downtown, stop and recharge energy touching some of the stones of its walls, sit in one of its small but cozy squares, enjoy its sky blue color; are some of the things that could be considered simple, but in this city they are transformed into something magical.

For me, the best experience is walking through the streets that lead to the Plaza de Armas, the beautiful heart of the city; to the bohemian neighborhood of San Blas. It seems special to be able to walk the cobbled alleys of those roads that take me to the highest parts of San Blas; tour the Cuesta de Almirante, and then continue until you reach the Nazarenas square, then take 7 Culebras, turn into Colqechaca and turn again into Siete Ángulos, then, continue walking, losing myself inside the Incas’ city and letting myself be enveloped by their energy, enjoying each step, finding several artisans in my path, some who greet with so much affection that they have the power to cheer up the saddest day, while others are chatting with each other in a talk so enjoyable that it generates admiration…
and with some luck, I could even find some musician. And while that happens discover more of an interesting corner from which you can admire the beauty and the panoramic view of that majestic city. And in all this process, allow the energy of the city to flow through my whole being, soak me and regenerate; Allowing me to give away a little of that magic that hides with care and jealousy.
Cusco is Magic, pure and palpable magic, is the source and principle of life is revitalizing, it is mystical and in all its charm and hidden beauty truth. Cusco is a city that empowers and reminds you what it is to live and why we choose to do it. Awake curiosity, soak up anyone who intends to enjoy its beauty, every moment that gives it as small as it may be; that enriches the heart and soul with adventure in an Andean world cared for by a mythical Inca feeling. Cusco is energy, strength and magic.