We are a solid group with extensive experience in the field of tourism, aware that the quality and warmth of the service is the best reference.

We have trained staff in constant professional and personal evolution from sharing and serving.


Provide hotel and tourism services of quality, seeking harmony with the environment and appreciation of Cusco culture.


Fill the center of Cusco city with warmth and hospitality, by providing unforgettable experiences to all our guests.


Inca Wasi Plaza hotel is built on ancient Inca buildings, without damage the monuments or vestiges of this wonderful Inca’s culture that governed in its time part of South America.

The Palace on which the Inca Wasi hotel is built is the ancient palace where the Inca Pachacuteq, the ancient built was called as, “CCASANAWASI.”

Is located in one of the most important portals of the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, the location makes easy your access to be in one of the most important tourist destinations in the city of Cusco.